coffee done differently


Since the community is involved in all that we know, we want our farmers to know not only about production, but about cupping, brewing and roasting too.

We feel that these factors will create more delicious coffee because the farmer will know what good coffee is.

We are trying different processes including: 

  • Honey Process
  • Natural Process
  • & Kenyan Wash

Most farmers in the area grow Catimore Arabica, but the rich volcanic Lao soil is home to many amazing varieties. Since this countries has been closed off for so long, people are just now tapping into the coffee and realizing that this area is ripe for specialty, holding more varieties then previously thought.

Our farmers sit at about 1,000-1,200 meters altitude. As we grow we plan to plant more of these high quality varieties in each plot, and connect with farmers already growing them with no market and no knowledge.

The Specialty Coffee industry is a growing one, but we feel that Southeast Asia, particularly Laos is unknown and will have profiles that are new and stunning.


We are excited to see what our farmers produce a product never seen before from the beautiful & undiscovered country of Laos!