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As you come to know who we are & understand what fuels us in this journey, we ask that you would consider becoming a part of this beautiful redemption story with us, as we seek to see the unrecognized country of Laos become a place of value that offers dignity to its precious people!

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This is not your typical company startup. I married into a culture that is of the humblest disposition. I invested my life into their community, though so different from myself. We have continued to sanctify each other. The fruit of this deep community is coffee. It’s coffee for many reasons, one being its Laos’s second largest export. Yet it largely has been made without excellence or recognition due to lack of education.

My husband and I began learning about specialty coffee; we began to speak on behalf of his people in the market. We are falling in love with the art of coffee together as a community, and learning how to create something the western world can marvel at.


My Khmu husband is my daily inspiration. He is as intelligent as he is humble and kind. He grew up in a jungle hunting for food, teaching himself all he could, while resources surrounded me, with love and comfort.

He married me, an American girl; it’s unthinkable in Laos. I don’t know how we are. But we are. And we will continue to be a forever team, walking closely with his native people.

3/3 - Story continued

I was seeking the tribal people of Laos before I even knew it. I found myself in Southeast Asia studying culture and seeking to connect. I landed in the Bolaven Plateau of southern Laos, and the tribal people drew me in a way I couldn’t describe. The tempo of that plateau was coffee, as a coffee lover it seemed an extra perk. But I began to learn more about the industry and how little most farmers knew about coffee.

I decided to invest in the people further, I lived with them for a whole summer, and that changed everything. That is when I met Ahn, my Farmer. We fell in love, and that people hooked me. We got married a few years later on a rainy day in the mountains in 2016. I now call that little village my home.

Each family there has a little plot, but lives in the edge of desperation. We have spent the years studying about coffee, and investing in the community. We did not start coffee to grow close to the community, we grew so close to the community that we began to dream of coffee together.

Coffee is really incredible to me. After experiencing specialty, single origin, I could never go back to commodity. It allows no room for corruption, its bridging the trade gap, and allowing a farmer to be unashamed but proud of what they create.

These people are not my project; we are family creating a project together.  We were brought together with some incredible people across the world in Birmingham that have partnered with us, and are making our dreams realities. They aren’t doing it by having a lot of money and power over us; they are doing it with friendship, resources, connections and passion. They are Seeds Coffee Company. They are family. So walk with us, as my husband and I fall deeper in love, deeper into obedience and sacrifice. Walk with us through the supply chain of coffee, taste some incredible stuff, walk through fighting poverty, hardship and triumph.